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Biography Afshin Azari

.Afshin Azari (born November 13, 1984 in Tabriz) is a singer, composer and regulator of the pop-trance style of Iran; he holds a bachelor's degree in art (music) from Tehran University

He started music from the age of 3 with his father, the late Ahad Azeri, the deceased Ahad Azeri, a musician of the Azeri musicians, who was one of the performers of Master Peyman, who was actually raised in the artistic family. Afshin was simultaneously active in the presence of his father, Master Zavan (Armenian) He learned the violin. An instrumental tuner and instrumentalist, inherited from his father. For many readers, the album, besides violin, is also used in other instruments such as piano, accordion, guitar, instrumental instruments, and so on.

Afshin entered his first album in the year 89, which was successful, and he trained a female singer named Nasim, who was singing their second and third albums, which started a particular genre in .Iranian music
:The arena of music
He, who has a great deal of compositions and has collaborated with many readers, believes that music must be in the presence and in the blood of a musician who is interested in music in order to be able to enter the field of singing and composition, and, of course, the theoretical musical theater Next to it is very important. He continued to have a good acquaintance with the piano as mother-maker, and believes he should have mastered another instrument alongside the piano. If you are one, you might be able to get popularity in mind for your audience, but you will have a low value among readers and artists.
:Afshin Azari albums
6th morning, INTRO, cigarette, end, last breath, live, everyone knows